Monthly Archives: October 2015

Due to the new release of ndnSIM (version 2.1) my last post about running ndnSIM without root has become obsolete. It is also no longer necessary to compile ndn-cxx as a separate library now. However, if you still want to use the (recommended) ndnSIM scenario template without having root access, here are the steps to follow (for version 2.1):

Step 1: follow the installation (requirements, etc...) instructions on the ndnSIM website until you have to type ./waf the first time.

For instance (after having installed all pre-requesits):
mkdir ndnSIM
cd ndnSIM
git clone ns-3
git clone pybindgen
git clone --recursive ns-3/src/ndnSIM

Step 1.a: If you require BRITE, do this in addition:

hg clone
export BRITE_HOME=$(pwd)
cd ..

Step 2: Create a directory where ns-3 and ndnSIM will be "installed" into, e.g.:
mkdir ndnSIM-build

Step 3: Go to the ns-3 subfolder and compile ns-3 and ndnSIM:
cd ns-3
./waf configure --prefix ../ndnSIM-build -d optimized

Note: --prefix ../ndnSIM-build tells the build-script to not install the libraries to the default location, but to ../ndnSIM-build.

Step 3.a: If you followed Step 1.a for BRITE, you will have to add --with-brite=$BRITE_HOME to the ./waf command:
./waf configure --prefix ../ndnSIM-build -d optimized --with-brite=$BRITE_HOME

Step 4: Grab a coffee, tea, beer, etc.! This step takes some time...

Step 5: Once this has finished, type
./waf install

Note: You did not have to use sudo! ns3 and ndnSIM are now being "installed" to ../ndnSIM-build

Step 6: Set up LD_LIBRARY_PATH and PKG_CONFIG_PATH for being able to use the scenario template
cd ..
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$(pwd)/ndnSIM-build/lib/

Step 6.a: You might need to add those exports to your ~/.bashrc file.

Step 7: Download and configure scenario template
git clone scenario
cd scenario
./waf configure

Step 8: Create your examples in the scenario template and run them!